How to Style a Jolly S’more Tiered Tray (Holiday Decor)

S'more-themed tiered tray decor with two levels. Tray is decorated with festive items such as s'more ornaments, trees, mini books, mini rolling pins, mason jars, and a rag wreath.

Learn how to create s’more-themed tiered tray decor with a mini book stack, mason jars, cute ornaments, a fabric garland and more.

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I created this s’more tiered tray for my daughter. Since she loves Christmas, I thought this would be a cute addition to her growing-collection of holiday decorations. As a bonus, she can have fun styling the tiered tray throughout the year for other seasons and holidays.

Because the tray’s theme was “Love You S’more”, I looked for a variety of s’more-themed decorations. I styled the tray with a variety of purchased and DIY items. When selecting decorations for the tray, I looked for items with a rustic or farmhouse feel and items. I also mixed different textures and sizes. For the color palette, I decided to stay with traditional Christmas colors.

The Tiered Tray: The Foundation of S’more Tiered Tray Decor

A multi-leveled tray is the foundation of a tiered-tray decor (obviously!). For this project, I wanted a simple wooden rectangular tray with a good amount of space between the tiers.

I found my tray on Facebook Marketplace, but here are some similar ones on Amazon (I just ordered the white one for my home, since I gave the one above to my daughter!):

Mini S’more Book Stack

Mini book stacks are perfect for tiered trays. They are simple to make and easily customizable. Plus it was a good excuse to head to JOANN’s for new ribbon.

S’more Mason Jar Trio

S’more-themed tier trays must include the building blocks of classic s’mores: chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers.

These wide-mouth canning jars are only 4″ high so they fit nicely on the lower tier while still leaving space for decorative items, such as a colorful berry cluster, on top. Plus, the opening is wide enough for a graham cracker square.

The little s’more mason jars served double duty. In addition to being decorative, they also held yummy treats for my college student to snack on during finals!

Adorable S’more Ornaments

Aren’t these little s’mores ornaments adorable? I found them on Amazon. I was particularly excited about the hockey s’more. Our family loves hockey, so I was thrilled when I found the hockey player s’more ornament. Its jersey even matches my daughter’s school colors!

3D Wood Christmas Trees

The pair of 3D trees were another DIY project. I cut the shapes out of 1/4″ plywood using my scroll saw and spray-painted them a gorgeous shade of green.

Learn how I made these rustic trees in this post.

Mini S’more Rolling Pins

Mini rolling pins, like mini book stacks, are common additions to tiered tray decor. I found the plain rolling pins on Amazon and embellished them with acrylic paint, vinyl letters, and festive ribbon.

Wood Gift Tags

I cut the gift tags from 1/4″ plywood using my scroll saw and personalized the tags with acrylic paint and vinyl.

If you don’t want to cut your own tags from wood, you can purchase plain or personalized gift tags from a variety of vendors on Etsy.

S’more Chalkboard Sign

This Dollar Tree chalkboard frame fit perfectly on the lower tier. I found a cute s’more SVG on Etsy and cut the design out of vinyl using my Cricut Maker. As an alternative, you could add your own saying with chalk or paint. For color, I added a small red bow using a drop of hot glue.

Fabric Garland

After making a few fabric wreaths, I decided to make a fabric garland for this project. I loved the results! I cut up Christmas fabric into small strips and tied them to length of twine. Super easy! Learn how I made this fabric garland.

Additional Festive Items for the S’more Tiered Tray Decor

For the finishing touches, I added faux greenery and red berries, a dollar store bell, and a small artificial tree from the craft store. Check out how I assembled the S’more Tiered Tray decor in the video below:

Video – How to Decorate a S’more Tiered Tray

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