How to Make a Tulle Wreath (Easy DIY)

Black and purple tulle wreath with black flowers and a spider web bow

Learn how to make a tulle wreath with this fun and easy DIY project. This simple wreath can be customized for so many occasions simply by changing the color combination and embellishments. With this method you can create a beautiful wreath for any season or event that will look amazing on your front door.

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Overview of Tulle Wreath Tutorial

A great thing about this wreath is how easy it is to make. You just tie small pieces of tulle around a wire wreath frame using a slip knot. While this is a simple technique, it results in a very cute door wreath.

Why is it so easy? Because you only need tulle and a wire wreath form to make the base fluffy tulle wreath. From there, you simply layer on additional items to decorate your wreath.


You first need to decide on the occasion or theme for your wreath. This will help you identify the color palette for your project. In this example, I made a Halloween wreath, so I chose black and purple as the main colors.

What type of tulle should you use? You can use pre-packaged rolls of tulle or purchase it by the yard and cut your own strips. For my project, I purchased tulle by the yard since it was on sale at my local craft store and they had the colors I wanted. Here’s the tulle I purchased from JOANN (it comes in a wide range of colors).

Wire Wreath Form

You can find the wire frames at a variety of stores, including a craft store (like Michaels or Holly Lobby), fabric stores (like JoAnns), Amazon, or even Walmart. Another great place to find wreath frames is at a dollar store (such as Dollar Tree). You can even recycle or repurpose the frame from an old wreath.

Embellishments for Decoration

Once you cover your wire wreath frame with knots of tulle, you get to decorate your wreath. Add embellishments, such as a large bow or flowers. Have fun and be creative! While these items can result in additional cost, you can limit the expense by using decorations from the dollar store, a thrift sore, or around your home.

Instructions for Making a Tulle Wreath

Here’s What I Used

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  • Tulle in Color 1 (by the yard OR by the roll)
    • 5 yards of 54” wide tulle, OR
    • 2 rolls of 6” tulle (25 yards per spool)
  • Tulle in Color 2 (by the yard OR by the roll)
    • 5 yards of 54” wide tulle, OR
    • 2 rolls of 6” tulle (25 yards per spool)
  • 1 piece of heavy card stock or thick cardboard (at least 6” wide and 9” long)
  • 14” wire wreath form
  • Large bow
  • Wire (such as floral wire, a pipe cleaner or 18 gauge aluminum wire)
  • Stem of artificial flowers and twigs
  • Zip ties


Project Steps

Parts of the Wire Wreath Form

The 14″ wire wreath form I used for this project consisted 4 rings divided into 6 sections. When detailed information is needed, I will refer to the rings by number, from Ring 1 (outermost ring) to Ring 4 (the innermost ring).

Time needed: 3 hours.

This tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to make a fluffy tulle wreath using tulle and a 14″ wire wreath frame. If you use a smaller or larger wire frame, you will need to adjust the amount of tulle up or down accordingly.

  1. Fold the 5 yards of tulle into a smaller rectangle and cut into 6″ strips

    Note: if you’re using roll of 6″ tulle, skip to Step 2.

    Fold the 5 yards of 54″ wide tulle into an 18″ by 54″ rectangle to facilitate cutting. Place the folded tulle onto cutting mat on a flat surface. Using a straight edge and rotary cutter, cut the tulle into 9 strips of tulle (each 6″ wide and 5 yards long).

    Do this for both colors of tulle. You should have 18 strips of tulle after completing this step.

  2. Cut 6″ x 9″ piece of cardboard for wrapping tulle strips

    Using scissors or straight edge and rotary cutter, cut a 6″ wide by about 9″ long piece of cardboard. This will be used to help cut the long strips of tulle into 6″ squares.

  3. Wrap tulle strip around piece of cardboard from Step 2

    Take one of the 9 strips of tulle from Step 1 and wrap it around the 6″-wide piece of cardboard from Step 2.

  4. Cut tulle along one side the cardboard

    Using scissors, cut the tulle along one edge of the cardboard. This will result in 6″ by 12″ pieces of tulle.

  5. Cut tulle into two 6″ squares

    Either using scissors or a rotary cutter and straight edge, cut the rectangular stack of tulle in half creating two 6″-square stacks of tulle.

  6. Cut all 18 strips of tulle (9 of the first color and 9 of the second color from Step 1).

    Repeat Steps 3-5 for all 18 strips of tulles (9 strips of the first color and 9 of the second color from Step 1).

    If you’re using rolls of tulle instead of yardage, repeat Steps 3-5 for all 4 rolls of tulle (2 of the first color and 2 of the second color).

    When finished, you’ll have two stacks of 6″ square pieces of tulle in two different colors.

  7. Select two squares of the first color of tulle

    Pick up two squares of your first color of tulle and stack them one on top of the other.

  8. Fold the square in half

    Fold the tulle from Step 7 in half to form a 3″ by 6″ rectangle. You don’t need to measure; the measurements are just provided to help clarify the instructions.

  9. Scrunch up tulle rectangle from Step 8 into a long strip about 1″ wide

    Gather up the the rectangle of tulle from Step 8 and form it into a long narrow rectangle about 1″ wide more or less.

  10. Form a u-shape around your finger with the length of tulle from Step 9.

    Take the rectangle of tulle from Step 9 and wrap it around your finger to form a u-shape. This will be tied via a slip knot to the wire wreath frame.

  11. Thread folded end of tulle under one ring on the wire wreath form

    Thread the loop end of the folded piece of tulle folded under Ring 4 (the innermost ring) of the wire wreath form and up between Rings 4 and 3.

  12. Wrap tail over bar and feed through loop

    Take the tail of the piece of tulle. In the image in the previous step (Step 11), the tail is held in my right hand. Wrap the tail over the top of Ring 4 (the inner ring) and feed it through the loop end of the tulle to form a slip knot. In the image in the previous step (Step 11), the loop is held in my left hand.

  13. Pull Tail to Tighten Knot

    After threading the tail through the loop, pull the tail taut to tighten the slip knot around the wire.

  14. Continue tying slip knots until wreath form is full

    Continue to tie slip knots of alternating colors of tulle until you cover the entire wreath. The image below shows the knots from the back side of the wreath.

    Each of the 6 sections on Ring 4 (the innermost ring) contain 8 knots, for a total of 48 knots on the inner ring. Moving outward, each section of Ring 3 contains 10 knots, for a total of 60 knots. For Ring 2, each section contains 12 knots, for a total of 72 knots. Finally, on Ring 1 (the outmost ring), each section contains 14 knots, for a total of 84 knots on the outer ring.

  15. Wrap a stem of artificial flowers around the inside of the wreath

    Take a stem of flowers and wrap around the interior of the wreath. Secure the stem to the wire frame using a couple zip ties.

  16. Tighten the zip ties on back of wreath

    Pull the zip ties tight on the back side of the wreath.

  17. Cut ends of zip ties

    Using wire cutters, snip off the end of the zip ties used to attach the flower stem to the wreath.

  18. Attach a bow to the wreath

    Make or purchase a large bow and attach it to the wreath using wire. Look ribbons that will complement the colors in your base tulle wreath.

  19. Twist wire on back to secure bow to wreath

    Secure the bow to the wreath by twisting the ends of the wire and tucking any excess in the wreath. Make sure the wire isn’t poking out to prevent injuries.

  20. Add twigs to decorate the wreath

    Insert black plastic twigs in bet ween the pieces of tulle. If you’re concerned about wind, you can use wire to secure the twigs to the wire frame.

  21. Fix knots

    Working from the back side of the wreath, adjust the knots so that the ends of the tulle are facing the front of the wreath and the knots are facing the back.

  22. Hang your wreath

    Now it’s time to enjoy your wreath. Use a wreath hanger or a command hook and display your new wreath on your door.

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Tulle Wreath Suggestions

This simple tulle wreath base can be customized for various holidays and seasons by simply using different colors of tulle, varying the placement of the colors, and changing the embellishments. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Holiday Wreaths

  • Valentine’s Day Wreath (pink or red tulle on a heart-shaped wreath form)
  • Thanksgiving Wreath (brown, orange, red, and yellow tulle with fall leaves, silk flowers and a Thanksgiving bow)
  • Memorial Day Wreath (red, white and blue tulle)
  • Fourth of July Wreath (red, white and blue tulle with a stars & stripes bow)
  • Labor Day Wreath (red, white and blue tulle)
  • Santa Wreath (2/3 red tulle, 1/3 white tulle and a black/gold bow to form a buckle)
  • Christmas Décor Wreaths (red and green tulle with festive red bow and ornaments)
  • Hanukkah Wreath (blue and white tulle with a Happy Hanukkah sign in the middle and a blue bow)

Seasonal Wreaths

  • Fall Wreath (brown, orange, red, and yellow tulle with fall leaves and pine cones)
  • Candy Corn Wreath (rings of yellow, orange, and white tulle)
  • Summer Wreath (blue and green tulle and beach decorations)

Special Occasion Wreaths

  • Baby Shower Wreath (pink or blue tulle)
  • Back to School Wreath (tulle in the school colors with a school-themed bow and sign).
  • Graduation Wreath (tulle in the school colors with a class of 20XX sign)
  • White Wreaths for a Bridal Shower or Wedding (white tulle and silk flowers)

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  1. Thank you for the lesson on how to make a tulle wreath. Outstanding instructions!! Will be making my first tulle wreath soon. Again thank you.
    Ileana from Florida

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