How to Create a Fun Fiesta Tablescape for Taco Night

Taco Night Tablescape with a festive table runner, centerpieces, colorful dishes and napkins, and a Taco Tuesday serving tray

Create a fun fiesta tablescape for your family taco night using a variety of colors and textures on your table.

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I had fun creating this Fiesta Tablescape for our family’s taco night. The Lazy Susan Taco Tuesday serving tray was the foundation of the table decor. From there, I added a variety of bold colors and interesting textures. Learn how I made the serving tray here.

Bold Festive Colors

I used bold, bright colors when decorating this table.

Mix-Matched Plates

Mixing and matching Fiesta Bistro Set plates was an easy way to add color to the table. Adding an inexpensive Mexican Serape Table Runner provided more color as well.

Fun Colorful Cloth Napkins

I continued mixing and matching colors with the napkins. These oversized premium cloth napkins come in a set of 12. Because the set contains 12 different colors, they will come in handy when designing other tablescapes.

Fiesta Wood Bead Napkin Rings

Once found the napkins, the next logical step was to find matching napkin rings that would complement the decor. I found the perfect farmhouse napkin rings that featured natural wood beads and a jute tassel.

Find out how I painted these napkin rings with COLORSHOT paint markers to match the serving tray in this blog post.

Interesting Textures

I had fun with textures too when setting the table.

Woven Round Charges

Rustic woven chargers/placements serve double duty. The thick material protects the table and add visual interest. They also complement the jute tassels on the napkin rings.

Terra Cotta Pots with Flowers

Terra cotta pots can be quickly painted to match the theme of the table. After spray painting the pots white, I used the COLOSHOT premium markers to add a pom pom border to match the serving tray and napkin rings.

I filled them with little flowering plants that I found at the Home Depot to make cute centerpieces. With a little more spray paint, they can be changed up to match other table decor.

Stainless Steel Taco Racks

Smooth stainless steel taco trays add another texture. As a bonus, these trays are oven and dishwasher safe!

Food & Drink

I’m not a food blogger, so I’m not going to recommend any recipes! Please share your favorite taco or margarita recipe in the comments below.

Fortunately, my husband is the cook in the family and he can whip up tasty food for our family taco night.

Enjoy your Taco Night Fiesta!

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