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Image of Anne leaning on Ridgid Table Saw

Greetings! My name is Anne. I started this blog, and my Instagram account @IkornCrafts, to chronicle my journey as an aspiring maker with the hope of inspiring others like you in the process. I work full-time in corporate finance and spend my days immersed in spreadsheets. Crafting, photography, woodworking, and DIYing provide me with a creative outlet and endless opportunities to develop new skills. Moreover, I love being able to say, “I made that!” 

My Family

I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, but decided to escape the harsh winters by heading south to Atlanta, Georgia for college. I spent the next 14 years in Atlanta, where I formed incredible friendships and met my husband, John. After a 2-year detour in Durham, North Carolina for graduate school, we decided to move to California to be closer to family. While we had family in Minnesota and California, the weather in California was the deciding factor and we’ve lived in San Jose, California ever since.

We have two incredible children (Jordan is a sophomore in college and Tyler is a sophomore in high school). Thanks to my children, I earned the titles of Dance Mom and Hockey Mom. The other members of our family are Riley, a senior black lab, and Dash, a junior tuxedo cat. There is never a shortage of pet hair around our house!

Image of my daughter dancing.
Photo by Rachel Neville Photography

Image of my son playing hockey.
Beijing International Youth Ice Hockey Invitational Tournament
Image of me holding a piece of metal.
My first attempt at blacksmithing
(Spring Make 19)

Photo by markadamspictures

Fun Favorites

  • Favorite Holidays: Christmas and Halloween
  • Favorite Time of the Year: Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas
  • Favorite Restaurant: Waffle House
  • Favorite Pastime (besides crafting): Reading, although these days you’re more likely to catch me listening to an audiobook
  • Favorite Sports Team: San Jose Sharks
  • Favorite Aromas: Freshly cut grass (reminds me of Minnesota summers) and vinyl (reminds me of playing with my Barbie doll airplane and camper as a child). If you ever spot me sniffing vinyl, you’ll know why!
  • Favorite Beverage: Diet Coke (I seriously drink way to much of it!)
  • Favorite Nickname: Mama Acorn
  • Favorite Travel Destination: Antarctica. My awesome, adventurous mother took me on an amazing trip to my dream destination. One day I hope to return!
Image of a cruise ship in Antarctica.

Please join me on my creative journey.

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