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Halloween Hockey: Release the Kraken in San Jose!

The Prehistoric Sharks take on the Kraken in this Halloween hockey game. For the first time in franchise history, the Kraken battle the Megalodons in the haunted hockey game.

Grusome, the Kraken goalie, is defending the net while sporting a Jason Friday the 13th goalie mask.

5th Anniversary of the Hockey Halloween Display

2021 marks the 5th anniversary of our Haunted Halloween display featuring skeletons playing hockey. Here’s a recap of the matchups:

This year the Megalodons are playing the Kraken, an expansion team in the SHL (Skeleton Hockey League). You know, it would have been nice if the actual San Jose Sharks could have played the Seattle Kraken in October this year, but unfortunately the NHL didn’t take my Halloween plans into consideration when setting the schedule. Regardless, the addition of the Kraken gave me an opportunity to create a sea creature-themed hockey display.

Skeleton shark jaws chomping on a kraken

The Teams


Myers #28

It’s Timo Time at the Boneyard. With the addition of a mask, it was easy to transform Meier into Myers for Halloween!

Skeleton wearing a hockey jersey with the name Myers and a Michael Myers mask

Chewie #88

We love to include #88 in our displays. Burns was so nice to my son when my son (then 5) asked for an autograph from his favorite player. Therefore, he’ll always be a family favorite.

Skeleton in hockey gear with a mid-length brown beard.

TMNT #48

I think a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is an obvious choice for a Halloween display. Plus he’s the happiest skeleton in the yard!

Happy TMNT skeleton in hockey gear

Creature #39

Creature is the captain of the Megalodons. He’s been an inspirational leader, just like his namesake on the San Jose Sharks. One of the dads on my son’s hockey team came up with this nickname (thanks for the awesome suggestion!).

Skeleton's hockey jersey with the number 39 and name "Creature"

EEK65 #65

Doesn’t EEK65 look sharp with his new haircut? He was inspired by EK65, whose level of play took off after chopping his flow.

Skeleton in a Megalodons hockey jersey with the number 65 with stylish hair peeking out from under the helmet.


Gio #5

Let me introduce Gio, the captain of the skelly Kraken team. He was a proven leader of other SHL teams, so he was a natural choice to lead the expansion team.

A large shark mascot is heckling the Kraken goalie. Team captain Gio on defense. Cthulhu referee is trying to keep the game fair.

Igor #13

I included Igor in this display because of his namesake’s profile picture. Who agrees that Tanev has the BEST profile picture in the NHL?! If you haven’t seen it, you definitely need to check it out. His picture also makes me think of Igor from Young Frankenstein (great movie btw!). If you don’t get the reference, take a peek at a movie picture on IMDb

Closeup of a skeleton with glowing red eyes in a hockey helmet

Grusome #31

The Kraken team goalie is Grusome. I’m not saying that Grubauer is gruesome. Instead, the nickname was derived from the name of his goalie mask series (Desolation of Grubi).

Skeleton hockey player wearing goalie gear, including a Friday the 13th Jason hockey mask. Jersey has an octopus with 8 hockey sticks.

Big Rig

The team needed another strong defenseman, so Big Rig was a natural choice. Plus a number of scary movies feature trucks! Speaking of scary movies with trucks, I’m still not over the truck scene from the 1986 movie The Hitcher (or the french fry scene either).

Skeleton hockey player wearing a jersey with a kraken or octopus with 8 hockey sticks. Cthulhu, the referee, is standing in the background.

Gourd #37

Gourds are a great addition when decorating for Halloween. See how well adding Gourd enhanced this haunted hockey display? Thank you Gourde for having a perfect name for a Halloween nickname.

Skeletons dressed in hockey gear playing in a front-yard game of haunted hockey.

Supporting Cast of Sea Creatures

The Coach

The Megalodons have a new coach this year–the Creature from the Boneyard Lagoon. He has a simple coaching philosophy for this game–Attack the Krak! It seems to be effective since the Megalodons are winning 3 to 1 in the 3rd period!

Mannequin wearing a Creature from the Black Lagoon holding a hockey coach's clipboard with an "Attack the Krak" strategy.

The Mascot

Megalodonnie, the team mascot, continues to support his team. Look at him heckling the Kraken goalie. He tries to emulate SJ Sharkie, the best mascot in the NHL and in professional sports!

Hockey mascot made from PVC pipe wearing hockey gear and a sharks head heckling a skeleton goalie.

The Referee

Cthulhu is officiating the game today. While he may resemble an octopus, he is a fair referee and making appropriate calls.

Hockey referee in a Cthulhu mask

The Fans

For some reason, a lot of pirates and mermaids showed up to cheer on the Megalodons and Kraken. Maybe it was the sea creature discount this year.

Male and Female mannequins dressed a pirates with a skeleton pirate hanging above in a stockade. They are watching the hockey game.
Mermaid, shark, and octopus skeletons hanging on a fishing net


The management team decided to offer fresh calamari at the Boneyard this year. The Kraken fans did not appreciate the new menu item. I think some fans snuck in bottles of Kraken rum as a show of passive aggression. Hey, they may be drinking The Kraken Attacks California rum, but the Megalodons are winning this hockey game.

Female mannequin dressed as a pirate holding a tray of toy seafood and a "fresh calamari" sign.
Two bottles of Kraken Rum (The Kraken Attacks California Limited Edition and the traditional bottle)


The Jerseys

I usually rely on uncrested jerseys as the starting point for the team sweaters. Because the Kraken were so new, I couldn’t find any uncrested jerseys with the Kraken colors. Instead of making the entire jersey from scratch (which I did for the Miracle on Ice display last year), I started with a plain white practice jersey and added sleeves and a trim in Kraken colors (hey Seattle Kraken fans, your new team has aweome team colors!).

I had to order more custom heat transfers from Heat Transfer Warehouse (#NOTsponsored). They turned my order around quickly and the transfers were a breeze to add to the jerseys. My only “complaint” is that they thought the hockey sticks were golf clubs LOL.

Skeleton hockey player wearing goalie gear, including a Friday the 13th Jason hockey mask.

The Set Up

Apologies to any hockey players who notice that some of the players are not holding their hockey sticks correctly. This task typically falls on my hockey playing son (since this actually bothers him), but he had to finish his homework. He was able to make some corrections to my set up during a brief quality control effort, but then he had to leave for a hockey tournament in Vegas.

The Boneyard 2021 Video

Release the Kraken in San Jose

Here are more pictures from this year’s display.

Happy Halloween

Thanks for checking out my family’s Halloween Display. I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.